1.0 Applying

1.1 – All competitors must be over the age of 18.

1.2 – Competitors must be an active Personal Trainer.

1.3 – Ready to compete in the PT Wars 2019 between 1st January and 1st June 2019.

1.4 – Competitors will need to be available to complete in the main event on Saturday 20th July 2019 if they qualify.

1.5 – The top 15 male & 15 female in the league after all three qualifying rounds will progress to the Main Event. This gets you 5 x tickets for guests, family and friends to attend, your PT Profile details in the event brochure and a PT Wars goodie bag


2.0 Competing

2.1 – Video Submission – Online Heats

2.1.1 – You must stay in the video cameras view at all times of your qualifying round, this includes your recovery breaks.

2.1.2 – The video must be one full clip that has not been edited or stopped through the qualifying round.

2.1.3 – Please make sure you have a running stopwatch clock in the view of the camera, this can be an iPhone or iPad preferably if you do not have a stopwatch clock (examples of how to take your video can be found on our YouTube channel).

2.2 – Local Heat Qualifying

2.2.1 – locations will be decided once the application process has been passed and the competitor informs PT Wars if their gym location is available.

2.2.2 – If the competitor has not got a convenient location to complete their qualifying round then they must attend a qualifying session at a location decided by PT Wars.

2.2.3 – Exercises and duration of each round will be sent out to competitors 2 weeks before their round.

2.3 – Main Event

2.3.1 – To qualify for the Main Event the competitor must make it through each of the two qualifying rounds.

2.3.2 – Warm-up time will be provided to the competitors must take this time to familiarise themselves with the equipment.

2.3.3 – It is the competitor’s responsibility to familiarise themselves with the exercises shown on the PT Wars YouTube Channel.

2.3.4 – Each competitor will have an allocated referee who will judge the repetitions for the competitor and inform them of any non-counting reps.

2.3.5 – Competitors must not interfere with any other competitors or hiders another’s performance.

2.4 – Only the equipment supplied by Jordan Fitness will be used.

2.5 – Once ready please contact sophie@ptwars.co.uk to receive your online file to upload the footage to.

2.6 – Any competitors that submit edited videos will be disqualified from the competition.


3.0 – Overview

3.1 – On successful completion of the competitor’s application, PT Wars will contact the competitor with more details on the competition.

3.2 – Each competitor will receive an information pack to competing in the event.

3.3 – Payment for competition to be made during registration in full.


4. 0 – Good Luck